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Conseil & design

Design & consulting:

Planning your innovation together

Our in-depth expertise in innovative technologies allows us to support you in your projects and provide the harmony, balance and beauty you are looking for.

Thanks to our ecosystem of resources and plural skills, in France and Europe, we provide you the best and accurate expertise.

Conseil & design

Ready-to-use projects:

Creation and integration

Like bubbles that come together to make a bigger whole, our expertise and our partners network can provide you with complete ready-to-use solutions. From design to final integration, thanks to our main assets: flexibility and reactivity, we drive your projects within agile collaboration.

Our solutions

Solutions packagées

Packaged solutions « Smart packs »:

Ready-to-use specialized modules

Delight your audience with ready-to-use solutions!
Creating immersive solutions does not necessarily mean wanting or being able to design, operate and finance ambitious digital experiences.

We adapt to all ecosystems and provide you with packaged, efficient and affordable solutions so that you can innovate and communicate differently.

Specialized business solutions:

Retail, Medical care, Education, Hospitality, Museography, Industry, etc.

Each project has its challenges and a personalized response!
Because your needs and your constraints are unlike any other, we design adapted solutions that meet your specificities and your professional reality.

Our mission is to create a solution that fits perfectly into your environment.

Mon Lumi


Interactive mapping lamps

The e-motion collective team are at the origin of and still contribute to the design and development of the Mon Lumi™ interactive mapping lamps.
Mon LUMI is an “all in one” concept based on computer vision, IA and advanced projection technologies, which provides through a lamp an interactive video mapping (or not), on tables, floors or walls, offering a very powerful tool to communicate , inform, entertain or simply decorate public spaces.

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